What we do

NAS advocates together with our local and national partners and all interested parties aims to create awareness by engaging more people with or without disability to participate in discussions about NAS vision and how spread the message to get to help more people with disabilities.


Public Education
Public Education is a program that NSA runs to increase awareness to the public by visiting various places such as schools, companies and any other establishments to increase people’s knowledge informative talks about the right of people with disabilities.

Awareness Events
At least twice or thrice a year, NSA launches awareness raising events that delivers the same message to the public. One of these events includes local parades, musical events, focused group discussions and etc.

Research and Publication
We are committed to be on top of helping the people that has disabilities, by doing so, we make sure to do numerous researches about any disability cases or issues. We have current and a lot more of upcoming projects which mainly focuses on health care.

Educational and Training
NAS provides educational assistance courses or mentoring program to these people for continuous learning be it for personal knowledge and consumption or for employment purposes. There are also training reviews, interview guidelines for employment and different kind of beneficial workshops.