Here are the lists of NAS resources for any information with regards to disability issues. If you do not find information you are looking for, please contact us and we’d be very glad to help.

Disability Organizations
Below are the lists of organizations that focus on disability rights.

Raintree Support Groups
1522 17th Avenue, Chicago, IL 78987
(309) 762-0788
Contact: Larry Patterson
Raintree Support Groups provides information and any other resources to help people with disabilities lead better lives and professionals who serve them.

Autism Society
2200 SW Main St., Suite 009, Bloomington, MN 90844
(630) 691-7842
Contact: Mary Kay Brown
Autism Society of Minnesota provides education, individual assistance and support for parents and increases public awareness of autism.

New York Hand & Voices
PO Box 8922 Bronx, NY 10022
(877) 230-1788