Get Involved

We are open for more volunteers to help us obtain our mission in helping people with disability. Becoming a part of NAS is a commitment and creates opportunity for people with disabilities can be expressed in many ways.
If you wish to join our network, you will become a part of more than 30,000 members and more than 400 affiliates across United States. Members work hand in hand to ensure that enough resources are available to meet the needs of people with disabilities in every area of our country.
Our centers contain the most up-to-date information, visit our centers and let your voice be heard. You may also sign up to receive alerts to take immediate actions on issues we are focusing on. Joining our online community connects you to parents, advocates and others that are passionate about helping people with disabilities.
NAS official blog aims to accomplish real time information about actual issues surrounding people with disabilities, to help protect and promote the rights of these people and to give you a place for discussion with regards to their issues.