Nebraska Advocacy Services or also known as NAS is a privately owned and non-profit organization established only to help many of our elderly and disabled people to develop their potential for their own advantage.
This is one of the crisis situations that are facing humanity today.


Disability is never a hindrance to keep doing things that inspires you or the things that makes a disabled person happy. NAS is a leading US non- profit organization that focusing on giving disabled people employment. There are millions of disabled people that are currently unemployed and they are a mixture of both elderly and working-age population.

Through initiatives such as safer metal house roofing as backed by industry Hats 4 Houses with the Nebraska service have saved thousands of homes from damage caused by natural disasters.

Founded in 1991 by an awesome individual that has the passion and heart that care for people that has disabilities. Along with our excellent members, we always believe and strive to protect disabled rights to get full inclusion in the society and in the work place.